About Danny McAleese

Yikes, I hate writing these things.

Let’s just say I’m a product of the 1980’s.  I grew up on a steady diet of Stephen King and Dungeons and Dragons, both of which taught me the wonders of being creative.


I love writing.  It’s freedom.  There’s no better feeling than having someone read a story you wrote, filled with characters you created, and tell you how much they enjoyed their brief stay in your world.

My Choose Your Own Adventure series Ultimate Ending is a throwback to some of my best childhood memories. It’s also where I and my talented writing buddy, David Kristoph, work hard to improve on a niche I always felt needed a shot of steroids.

The rest of my books range from epic fantasy (The Renegade Mage Chronicles) to all kinds of science fiction, suspense, and even horror. If people enjoy reading these stories even half as much as I do writing them, I’ll consider myself successful.

If you loved or hated anything I’ve written, feel free to shout at me: DMcAleese@gmail.com