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Where Shadows Play
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Where Shadows Play

The Pillars. Lost and forgotten, the legendary hangout is little more than a myth to the students of Sommerton High.

So when Aaron Decker and his friends uncover the fabled spot deep in the Florida woods, a typical Friday night turns into a cause for celebration. That is, until a second, more menacing group of seniors shows up uninvited.

Things soon take a turn for the bizarre. An unnatural mist blankets the forest. Strange visitors step from the fog, violating their circle of firelight. Forced into the brume, a massive house looms before them, its ancient doors knocked from twisted hinges.

Specters of a bygone era. A sinister house in the woods, screaming to tell its secret. Differences must be ignored, rivalries set aside as nine students stumble through a series of inexplicable encounters in their desperate quest to survive the night.

Outcast - Renegade Mage Chronicles
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Outcast – Renegade Mage Chronicles Book One

The Citadel of Sorcerers is corrupt and defunct, its council members sitting in jealous watch over one another as they vie for a power they haven’t possessed for ages. So when a young, ambitious sorceress returns from her Arcane Trials bearing the mark of fire — and wielding a power not seen for centuries — the conclave is thrown into instant, irrevocable chaos.

Join Sammara Rhyess, a young mage forced to question everything she knows as she finds herself suddenly hunted by those of her own Order. Aided by strange and unknown forces, the sorceress must balance her flight as a dangerous fugitive against her aggressive quest for a higher knowledge long thought to be lost.

Bizarre visions. A centuries–dead city, miraculously risen from beneath the sands. These keys lie along the path to unlocking the secrets of an ancient, forbidden magic. Will Sammara be strong enough to command these forces? Or will an unseen enemy — one the sorceress unknowingly plucked from the annals of history itself — be her ultimate downfall?

YOU Choose the Story – Ultimate Ending!

Ultimate Ending books are like Choose Your Own Adventure on steroids!

Pick your own path, choose your own story! Gather the clues, avoid the traps, solve the riddles, and do whatever it takes to reach the Ultimate of all book endings!

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